On Credit One Bank can I make a payment using either MoneyGram or Western Union?

Answer is Yes. We accept payments sent by MoneyGram's Express Payment service.

For further information how to do it please contact us via phone and we will inform you clearly how to do it.

Can I still mail in a payment on Credit One Bank even if I've set up Online Account Access?

This opportunity u have. It can be done and payment can be mailed with coupon attached to your monthly statement.

Therefore you should remember that all payments which were received will not be counted in on any holidays and you should allow sufficient time for your payment to arrive.

We strongly recommend do not send money via post.

Does Credit One Bank has minimum fee for making a payment online?

All online payments are free of cost but therefore you should remember that these payments must be done in Standard Payment option.

If you will do payment of Express Payment option you will be charged of $9.95 for that payment.

Does Credit One Bank has a minimum allowable payment when using Pay Bill?

Answer is yes. In our credit bank you have minimum allowable payment of $1.00. Therefore we suggest you pay at least your Minimum Payment to avoid Late Fee.

What is limit of payment in Credit One Bank for pay Bill?

There is limit what payment you can do and that limit is your account balance high.

What if my payment posts after my payment due date on Credit One Bank?

You should know that you payment will be assessed a Late Fee so be careful and remember that you must pay payments on time before comes payment due date.

When will my payment post on Credit One Bank account?

If you have made payment by 2:00pm (Pacific Time) during Sunday through Friday payment will be post on your account same day, online you will see that posting the next business day.

Payments done on other time will be posted on next business night, and Saturday posts will be posted on Sunday with backend date on your account.

How do I know if a payment has posted to my Credit One Bank account?

You should login to your account and you will need to search 'Posted Activity' section there you will find payments you need.

Express Payment and a Standard Payment differences on Credit One Bank?

If you need to pay your bills urgent you should use Express Payment method, and your money will sent next working day.

If you have not urgent payment you should choose Standard Payment method and your money will be sent during five working days.

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