Credit One Unsecured Platinum Visa Card Review

Credit One Bank gives you a chance to get a credit card if you have bad credit history. It is way too hard to get an unsecured credit card from others banks if you don’t have strong credit history.

Most of times all unsecured credit cards that may be given to people who has bad credit history will try to squash your pock et as soon as possible as charges will be enormous.

Let’s dive in and find out what will offer Credit One Unsecured Platinum Visa Card Review.

There may be some changes in rates and if you will find any information that is out of date we are welcome your email to us.

Credit One bank offers wide range of credits cards for you. Many of them are easy to get and they do not give you any reward while you are using these credit cards. There is:

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Platinum Visa for Rebuilding Credit

Cash Back Rewards Visa

Official NASCAR® Visa

Many credit cards but we don’t know which one will give us a grace period?

Official credit bank one Terms & Conditions disclosure statement on the website says this:

But which ones have a grace period? In the Terms & Conditions disclosure statement on the website it says this:

“If your Account has a Grace Period, your due date is at least 24 days after the close of each billing cycle and Interest will not be charged on any Purchases if your entire balance is paid by the Payment Due Date each month. For Accounts with no grace period, Interest is charged on Purchases from the posting date. All Accounts are charged Interest on Cash Advances from the posting date.”

Very good to know that Credit One Bank gives a grace period to some credit cards but as it is main review we do not get which one credit card gets and which one do not get that grace period.

Why this is so important? Because if you start using credit card that do not have own grace period, as soon you will spend first dollar, from that moment you will be charged.

That means that no matter how good you will act with loan moneys and how fast you will return them to your credit card balance if you used some money from credit, you will be charged.

Many of credit cards give a grace period that is from 21 to 25 days after you spend money from your credit card. If you pay fully your bill during that period, you will not pay interest charge.

To be clear no matter how bad your credit history is you should have a chance to have a grace period on your credit card balance, but sometimes it is impossible.

The lack of grace period is really big thing you should attract your attention to it. You will not find such an information on website where comparison is made, and I think you will not be given such an information till moment you need to approve contract of credit card.

Such an information brings harder to sell credit card but it may be the only way to get credit card if your credit lane is terrible. 

If you have a credit One bank credit card and you are using grace period please give us an email info about it, we will gladly add that information.

Thanks in advance!

All bank costumer should remember that every person has own credit history and every customer gets different credit card proposal. 

Credit One Unsecured Platinum Visa rates and fees

Let’s return to Credit One Unsecured Platinum Visa Card and we see that this credit card does not offer any bonus rewards. If you want to check others Credit One Bank credit cards, follow this link.

Credit One Unsecured Platinum Visa Balance transfers: Not applicable.

APR for cash advances: You get an APR between 17.90 percent and 25.15 percent. The credit card transaction fee is either from 8 percent or may be and 3 percent.

It is hard to understand but as we have mentioned early every customer gets his own proposal.

Many credit cards will give u a median between 3 and 5 percent, but there is a catch if you don’t have a proper credit history you will not get no credit card at all. 

Credit One Unsecured Platinum Visa annual fee:

The price various as every costumer get different offer to his credit card. It may vary from $0 to $75 for the first year; after that, it’s $0 to $99.

We should mention it that on second year you will be using credit card your annual fee will be divided into 12 months’ fee. So if your annual fee is $60, you’ll be billed $5 per month (60/12 = 5).

We should mention that there is a small fee of be part of credit card club. It is an “Authorized User Participation Fee” of $19 per year.

Credit One Unsecured Platinum Visa foreign transaction fees:

It is normal range of all credit cards charges and it reach only 3 percent. This fee is not given on website you have to read it out on printed version of cardholder agreements under #10 (d) and #24).

Credit One Unsecured Platinum Visa delay on payments posted to your account:

There is a time period you need to wait until you will be able to use your money you sent to you fill your card valance.

Credit One Bank states that you will not be able to use these money 12 days after they had received these moneys.

If you will mail these moneys to your account it need to pass two weeks before you will free to use these moneys.

So every time you should count on a 14-day delay, that is the reason I will suggest you send a check not a cash.

Credit One Unsecured Platinum Visa credit limit increases:

The charge may vary from 0 to $49. All this fee depends on that how long you hold your credit card, what credit lane you have, what history of credits do you hold. It may lower of higher fee. 

Credit One Unsecured Platinum Visa interesting things in print paper:

The minimum payment due is 5 percent of your whole credit card balance. SO if you hold balance of credit card $2,000 your payment will be a $100.

“Credit protection program” is expensive and many times do not worth your money and time to spend on it. You should resist any person who try to sell it to you as potentially you will not use this at all. 

The bottom line for Credit One credit cards

You may found info in this article is not only for Credit One Unsecured Platinum Visa but it is for all Credit Bank One credit cards.

When you are signing a credit card contract ask every Credit One Bank worker to show you is that card has a grace period or not and if not why they do not give it to you. 

Credit One Bank credit cards is listed as fair credit bank and there are many other credit cards that can give you a better credit card rates. But if you have bad credit lane you definitely need to contact Credit One Bank for a credit card. 

Every credit card comes to one that you eventually will get into loans and depts. So when you a choosing credit card you need to act with money very responsible. Not bank responsible for your future only you are. 

NOTE to all:

We do not get any moneys from any credit cards referrals so you are free to use all information you found in this article as a guide to avoid big credit card taxes and fees.

If you will see any changes in any of credit card, we mentioned please write us an info about it.

Thank you all and share this article to your friends.


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